Emily & Jack

June 26, 2021 | New York City

Wedding of Emily Saltz and Jack Greisman

Wedding Details

The wedding and reception will be held in New York City at Tribeca Rooftop at six o'clock in the evening.

Cocktail Attire (suits and dresses)

COVID-19 Guidance

To celebrate as safely as possible, we are requesting all guests be fully vaccinated by the wedding. While the ceremony and cocktail hour will be outdoors on the rooftop, weather permitting, dinner and dancing will follow in the venue’s very large indoor space below.

Thanks in advance for your help in keeping everyone as safe as possible while celebrating our wedding day with us!

Emily & Jack


The wedding and reception will be held at Tribeca Rooftop in New York City. The address for the venue is:

Tribeca Rooftop
2 Desbrosses Street
New York, NY 10013
[Google Maps]


Being able to celebrate our wedding with you is the greatest present of all! But for friends and family who have expressed interest, we have created a registry with a few things we're excited about. You can find our registry here.

Our Story

We both went to the same school (Columbia Prep), but we were never there at the same time. Jack transferred out for high school when Emily transferred in. We also went to different colleges — and though most high school couples break up over their first Thanksgiving break, we began a long-distance relationship from New Jersey to Rhode Island. We became Amtrak & Megabus aficionados. Emily loved visiting Jack so much that she even thought passing through Penn Station was charming. Jack also loved visiting Emily, but he usually took Megabus and would acknowledge that it tended to smell.

After three and a half years, we were VERY ready to be in the same place. We moved back to New York City, moved in together, and started traditions of walks through the West Village, eating at fun restaurants, and binge-watching bad tv. After three years in NYC, we applied to graduate school and moved to Boston, our current home. We were finally in school at the same place and the same time — exchanging walks along Charles St for the Charles River and exploring a new city the only way we know how: through its food.

We have had a decade of growing, traveling, eating, running (slowly), walking (quickly), spending lazy days on the couch, grilling at Atlantic Beach and Armonk with our families, singing badly in the car, finding new coffee shops (Jack loves coffee; Emily loves tea), watching the sun rise (only once; we are not morning people), spending nights at Peculier Pub on Bleecker street with friends, skiing and water-skiing (Jack learned to do both for Emily), talking about how proteins wiggle (Emily learned to do that for Jack), hosting Bachelor viewing parties, going to Princeton Reunions, shucking oysters (mainly Jack, Emily is a klutz), watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown every Halloween, going wine tasting (in California, New Zealand, Greece, Italy, and New York)… So when Jack proposed on our favorite pier overlooking our favorite city, Emily said YES!

(but you probably could’ve guessed that)